RCI Détectives is a private investigation firm whose mission is to provide you with tangible evidence in order to help you make informed strategical decisions.

We gather information on your behalf in a discreet and entirely legal manner in order to defend your rights.


We put forth the very best to meet your expectations and provide answers to your questions.

The purpose of our investigations is to gather the necessary evidence in order to ensure that you obtain that to which you are legally entitled, resolve disputes, or disprove any false accusations against you.


Investigations in Paris and in France


Located in Paris, our team of licensed investigators conducts surveillance, undercover work, and every type of investigation throughout the whole French territory.

We work civil and domestic cases, commercial and industrial cases, employment and social cases as well as criminal cases at the request of individuals, professionals, lawyers and even public entities.





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Child custody investigations

Hidden assets and unreported income investigations

Background checks

Missing persons, track and locate

Surveillance operations





Fraud investigations

Background checks

Employment screening

Unfair competition

Counterfeit investigations

Trademark infringement

Hidden assets investigations

Undercover work

Surveillance operations

Financial investigations

Business intelligence

Due diligence




The private investigation profession is regulated by the French Interior Security Code (Code de la Sécurité Intérieure) and placed under control of the State.


A french private investigator is the only investigation professional allowed to conduct civil and commercial investigations.


The PI’s role is to assist in manifesting the truth


We gather information and provide our clients with the evidence needed to defend their rights.


The investigation report is an essential part of the PI’s mission. As a true and detailed account of the investigation, it is written and presented for the purpose of being produced in court.


The report is admissible in French courts in the same condition as any other element of proof.





The nature of our job allows us to work with sensitive information, therefore, we ensure that your privacy is always respected. 

A french private investigator has the obligation to keep your information and investigation strictly confidential.

The confidentiality obligation to which a PI is bound is guaranteed and protected by the law.





Surveillance :

starting at 100 euros / hour


Address search :

starting at 500 euros


*Taxes may apply depending on where you are from*





Nordine BELAL is graduate of the University of Paris Pantheon Assas and are both licensed private investigators.



Nordine BELAL

CNAPS autorisation # : AUT-093-2116-02-17-20160573919

CNAPS agreement # : AGD-093-2022-02-17-20160463773




We are a team of private investigators based in Paris. We work with clients like you from all over the world to bring you answers and help you make decisions. Wether it is needed for legal proceedings or for personal interests, we search for information that will strengthen your defense and dispel your doubts.

We work on a large variety of cases, from surveillance and undercover work to business intelligence or research. Feel free to contact us even if you are not sure if or how we can assist. We will help you define your needs and work on a strategy together.


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